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Senior Citizen's Day

Senior Citizen’s Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Palau

Senior Citizen’s Day is a Palauan official holiday that occurs every 5 May. It is a special time to remember the importance and contributions of the nation’s seniors. All those age 55 and above are considered senior citizens in Palau.

20225 MayThuSenior Citizen's Day
20235 MayFriSenior Citizen's Day
20245 MaySunSenior Citizen's Day
6 MayMonSenior Citizen's Day Holiday
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Palauan culture does much to honour the elderly, and the people of Palau consider the way the young treat the old as a key indicator of the state of the culture. Therefore, Palau runs numerous government programs designed to help its seniors and provide for their well-being in a comprehensive way. Senior Citizen’s Day is a time when new such projects are often announced.

On Senior Citizen’s Day, there are often public events, including street parades, special lunches, educational seminars, cultural exhibits, and live performances. There are dances where both old and young dance together, special trips organised for seniors, and family celebrations where everyone shows appreciation for their older loved ones.

Previous Years

20215 MayWedSenior Citizen's Day
20205 MayTueSenior Citizen's Day
20195 MaySunSenior Citizen's Day
20184 MayFriSenior Citizen's Day Holiday
5 MaySatSenior Citizen's Day
20175 MayFriSenior Citizen's Day