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President's Day

President’s Day 2025 and 2026 in Palau

Every 1 June is celebrated as President’s Day in Palau, a day meant to honour this tiny nation’s current president and the presidency in general.

20251 JunSunPresident's Day
2 JunMonPresident's Day Holiday
20261 JunMonPresident's Day
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After hundreds of years of colonial domination and decades under Japanese and US control, Palau gained full independence in 1994. Its constitution, however, dates from 1981 and provides for a democratic form of government with a very strong president and executive branch.

Palau’s first president under their current constitution was Haruo Remeliik, who held office from 1981 to 1985. His term ended, unfortunately, due to assassination. Palau allows a four-year term to its presidents. It doesn’t have term limits, but only one president has been served two terms in a row.

This holiday is an off-day for workers across Palau, and therefore, most businesses and schools and government offices will be closed for the day. There are often festive events and sports tournaments on President’s Day. Even those who dislike the current president don’t let that spoil it, for they can celebrate for the sake of a past president they did like!

Previous Years

20241 JunSatPresident's Day
20231 JunThuPresident's Day