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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Palau

Palau celebrates Constitution Day on 9 July, commemorating the adoption of their 1981 constitution. This is a day of culture and patriotism for the people of Palau, although most of the public events occur in the cities of Koror and Ngerulmud.

20249 JulTueConstitution Day
20259 JulWedConstitution Day
20269 JulThuConstitution Day
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Palau has been inhabited for some 3,000 years, but more recently, it has been a territory of the United States. Today, however, it is an independent republic in free association with the USA and which has a defence pact with the same country. In 1981, the people of Palau chose by referendum to not join Micronesia. In the same year, they adopted the current Palauan constitution, which is modelled after that of the United States.

Interestingly, Palau’s constitution is the only one in the world that bans all forms of nuclear activity, including tests, weapons, and nuclear energy production. It also bans gas and biologic weaponry. This constitution was approved by the people in a referendum.

For Constitution Day, most in Palau get the day off work, and there may be a few public events. But otherwise, it is a quiet day to relax with family or friends.

Previous Years

20239 JulSunConstitution Day
10 JulMonConstitution Day Holiday
20228 JulFriConstitution Day Holiday
9 JulSatConstitution Day