Memorial Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Northern Mariana Islands

As an overseas US Commonwealth, you will notice that the people of Northern Marianas Islands (NMI) celebrate US Memorial Day with as much enthusiasm and class as any do in the 50 US states. There are strong bonds between NMI and the US Armed Forces that add significance to Memorial Day here.

202230 MayMonMemorial Day
202329 MayMonMemorial Day
202427 MayMonMemorial Day
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There are a number of small Memorial Day ceremonies held throughout Northern Marianas Islands on the final Monday in May, which is the date of the holiday. The main place to visit, however, is American Memorial Park, which tells the story of the brave NMI and US forces who fought off the Japanese in the Battle of Saipan, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and other World War II engagements.

There are still some World War II veterans living in Northern Marianas Islands, but Memorial Day is focused primarily on remembering those who lost their lives defending their country. You will see people taking time to beautify the graves of deceased soldiers and of others whom they want to remember. And there will be TV, radio, and other media events emphasising the sacrifice and courage of those who gave their lives in past wars and conflicts.

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202131 MayMonMemorial Day
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