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King’s Birthday
Norfolk Island

King’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Norfolk Island

The King’s Birthday is celebrated with a holiday on the Monday following the first Saturday of June on Norfolk Island. As the holiday occurs close to Bounty Day on 8 June, this is a festive time of year on the island. Occasionally the King’s birthday is moved a week later to avoid it being celebrated the same day as Bounty Day.

202417 JunMonKing's Birthday
202516 JunMonKing's Birthday
202615 JunMonKing's Birthday
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In this remote island halfway between Australia and New Zealand in the South Pacific, hundreds of specially invited guests gather for a garden reception on this holiday. The event is held at Government House, and the guests are invited by the territorial administrator.

People enjoy a day off work, and the holiday is an occasion for celebrating Norfolk Island’s history and its association with Australia, and via Australia, with the King, the UK, and all of the British Commonwealth.

It is not a high profile holiday, but it is always looked forward to by island residents nonetheless because of the long weekend it provides.

Previous Years

202312 JunMonKing's Birthday
202213 JunMonQueen's Birthday