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Norfolk Island Agricultural Show Day
Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Agricultural Show Day 2019 and 2020

The second Monday in October is a public holiday called “Norfolk Island Agricultural Show Day”. It is one of the major annual events to look forward to on Norfolk Island.

201914 OctMonNorfolk Island Agricultural Show Day
202012 OctMonNorfolk Island Agricultural Show Day

The first Norfolk Island Agricultural Show was first held in the year 1860, only a few years after the original settlers arrived on Norfolk Island. It was organised, in part, by a number of Anglican missionaries present in the fledgling colony. After over 150 years of agricultural shows, you can see how it has become an ingrained tradition.

The importance of the show is partly due to the Norfolk Island policy of prohibiting importation of fresh fruits and vegetables. This means you have to learn to grow it yourself or buy local, and that gives many islanders great incentive to become good farmers.

The show is held in the municipality of Burnt Pine, at Rawson Hall, each year. It is an opportunity for agriculturalists to show off the best of their harvest. But the show also includes carnival-style rides, various performers, pet shows, artistic displays, and of course, an abundance of food readily available at food stalls.