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Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s Birthday 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Niue

The Queen’s Birthday is a public holiday in Niue, as in New Zealand and other territories associated with New Zealand. Actually, it is also observed in many other British Commonwealth nations, and of course, in the UK itself.

20235 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20243 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20252 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20261 JunMonQueen's Birthday
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It should be understood that the Queen’s Birthday public holiday does not fall on the date of the sitting Queen’s actual birthday. It is simply a day to honour her, the British monarchy, and the solidarity shown in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Major events include official speeches, military parades, special tea parties, and the like. For many, however, it is just another very welcome day off work and a three-day holiday!

In Niue, Queen’s Birthday is a great time to head to the beach to sun oneself and swim. It’s also a time for picnics, hiking, nature viewing, and family get-togethers.

Previous Years

20226 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20217 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20201 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20193 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20184 JunMonQueen's Birthday
20175 JunMonQueen's Birthday