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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Niue

Niue celebrates its Constitution Day on 19 October. This is one of only a handful of public holidays in Niue and is a very important patriotic celebration to locals.

202019 OctMonConstitution Day
20 OctTueConstitution Day Holiday
202119 OctTueConstitution Day
20 OctWedConstitution Day Holiday
202219 OctWedConstitution Day
20 OctThuConstitution Day Holiday
202319 OctThuConstitution Day
20 OctFriConstitution Day Holiday
202419 OctSatConstitution Day
20 OctSunConstitution Day Holiday
21 OctMonConstitution Day Holiday

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Niue is technically independent despite being in “free association with” New Zealand. That essentially means it governs itself internally but relies on New Zealand to handle its foreign affairs and national defence. Niue can leave or stay in the association as it pleases.

After a referendum held on 19 October in 1974, Niue became self-governing and gained its own constitution. That is the reason for the date and name of the holiday. This is the closest thing in Niue to Independence Day, so everyone uses it as a chance to take pride in their island’s long, local heritage.

Early in the morning on Constitution Day, the flag of Niue is raised ceremonially, along with the flag of New Zealand. This symbolises the solidarity of the two nations. Niue’s prime minister then gives a patriotic speech. Afterward, many take part in festive activities, feast, and spend time with family.