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Rishi Panchami

Rishi Panchami 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Nepal

On Rishi Panchami, a traditional Hindu festival and a public holiday in Nepal, all women and those girls who have had their first period take part, seeking forgiveness for any errors committed during their periods.

20248 SepSunRishi Panchami *
202528 AugThuRishi Panchami *
202616 SepWedRishi Panchami *
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Note: Rishi Panchami is observed by females only.

In Hinduism, women are considered ceremonially unclean during menstruation, and they are not supposed to touch others, cook food, or perform religious rituals till their period is over.

Rishi Panchami occurs on the fifth day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapad, which means it falls somewhere during August or September on the Gregorian Calendar.

On Rishi Panchami, women take a ritual bath in holy water, be it in a river, pond, or other body of water. They bathe before the rising of the sun, apply special types of mud to their body, use datiwan herb as a toothbrush, offer datiwan leaves to the gods, and fast during the day. They may also wash their husband’s feet and take part in various other religious rituals.

On this day, there are many Hindu gods that are given special worship. These include the Sapta Rishi, meaning “seven sages”, who are thought to inhabit the Great Bear Constellation. Images of these seven, and of other, gods may be crafted out of cow dung and then worshiped on Rishi Panchami.

Previous Years

202319 SepTueRishi Panchami *
202231 AugWedRishi Panchami *