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Ram Navami

Ram Navami 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Nepal

Ram Navami is celebrated as the “incarnation” day, of the Hindu god Ram. Ram is believed to have been the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and is looked upon as a sort of “ideal man” and one who helped good to overcome evil.

20202 AprThuRam Navami
202121 AprWedRam Navami
202210 AprSunRam Navami

The holiday occurs on 9 Chaitra on the Hindu calendar, which corresponds to sometime in March or April on the Western calendar. Ram Navami is celebrated in both Nepal and India, but it is especially made a major event in Nepal.

On Ram Navami, many people visit temples dedicated to Ram and bring flowers and other forms of offerings. The Kathmandu Valley is filled with temples of Ram or of Vishnu, and thus, there is much religious pilgrimage going on in the area around Kathmandu this time of year.

Many may also recite religious texts, read stories of Ram from the Hindu scriptures, and wash, clothe, and put mini-idols of Ram into a cradle. There is also religious singing in homes and temples, and charity events are organised. Plus, many sweep their homes clean and then engage in moral meditations or even in fasting.