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Prithvi Jayanti

Prithvi Jayanti 2025 and 2026 in Nepal

Prithvi Jayanti is a patriotic observance in Nepal to celebrate national unity and the birthday of the country’s original unifier, King Prithvi Narayan Shah. It is also known as National Unity Day.

202511 JanSatPrithvi Jayanti
202611 JanSunPrithvi Jayanti
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Prithvi became king of what is now the Gorkha District of modern Nepal at age 20 and eventually unified the whole country under his rule. Actually, Nepal was once twice as large territorially as it is today under him and his successors. The Shah Dynasty he commenced lasted around 200 years.

Many of the principles of governing and national goals of the Prithvi Shah, called his “Divya Upadesh”, were instituted by other leaders for centuries. He set a pattern of nationalism that guided Nepal into modernity. But in 2006, a revolt against the monarchy broke out in Nepal. In 2008, Nepal became a republic, and Prithvi Jayanti was no longer celebrated officially on a national level.

However, public respect forking Prithvi Narayan Shah has not ceased, and people gather every year at Prithvi Shah’s statue by the Singha Durbar gate in Kathmandu on his birthday. And in his native Gorkha, the villagers of Bungkot still continue the celebration of Prithvi Jayanti despite the political changes.

Previous Years

202411 JanThuPrithvi Jayanti
202311 JanWedPrithvi Jayanti