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Ghode Jatra

Ghode Jatra 2025 and 2026 in Nepal

The Newari people of Nepal celebrate a three-day festival each year called Pahachare, the second day of which is known as Ghode Jatra. The celebration takes place in Central Nepal, in Tundikhel, near Kathmandu. There is also a celebration of Ghode Jatra in the Bal Kumari region.

202529 MarSatGhode Jatra *
202618 MarWedGhode Jatra *
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Note: Ghode Jatra is observed in Kathmandu valley only.

Ghode Jatra means “horse parade”, which is a fitting title given the day’s events. Traditionally, the Nepali Armed Forces and police force go on parade together in Kathmandu. In Tundikhel, horses go on parade so as to “gallop over the grave of the defeated demon Tundi to keep him underground”, according to Hindu tradition.

The holiday is kept according to the local lunar calendar, but it falls anywhere from the middle of March to early April on the Gregorian Calendar.

On Ghode Jatra, many idols from local areas go on parade as well, riding in small, portable “chariots”. The Hindu demon-god Guru Mumpa is offered sacrifices to appease him. Horse races, bicycle races, acrobatic performances, and other events also take place.

In Patan, located in the Kathmandu Valley, crowds cheer wildly as drunken horses run in fields and buck riders off of their backs.

Previous Years

20248 AprMonGhode Jatra *
202321 MarTueGhode Jatra *