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Gaura Parba

Gaura Parba 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Nepal

Gaura Parba is celebrated according to the Hindu lunar calendar, so its date changes on the Gregorian Calendar each year. But it tends to fall in late August or early September. It is mostly celebrated in certain western districts of Nepal and adjacent areas of neighbouring India. The festival continues for three days and is both religious and cultural in character.

202426 AugMonGaura Parba
202516 AugSatGaura Parba
20264 SepFriGaura Parba
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Gaura Parba is especially celebrated by women in Western Nepal. On the first day of the feast, they bring five special grains from the local market, which they cast into a water pot on the second day. On day three, the women take a holy bath in a nearby river and fast all day long. They also offer 108 fruits. Only married women are allowed to participate.

There is also a ceremony where a doll of the goddess Gaura is placed in a bamboo basket. The basket is surrounded by men and women from a local village, who sing and play musical instruments to please the goddess.

Gaura Parba is an optional off-work day in Nepal, and most businesses remain open. More people will take the day off and more businesses shut down for a few days in western Nepal than in the rest of the country during this holiday.

Previous Years

20236 SepWedGaura Parba
202219 AugFriGaura Parba