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Independence Day

Independence Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Nauru

Every 31 January is Independence Day on Nauru. Independence Day marks the day in 1968 when the island became fully independent, making it the tiniest republic on the face of the Earth.

202231 JanMonIndependence Day
1 FebTueIndependence Day Holiday
202331 JanTueIndependence Day
1 FebWedIndependence Day Holiday
202431 JanWedIndependence Day
1 FebThuIndependence Day Holiday
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Micronesian and Polynesian peoples have lived on Nauru for thousands of years. It was only in 1798 that the island was discovered by a European whaler and named “Pleasant Island”. By the 1830’s, Nauru had regular contact with European whalers and traders.

From 1878 to 1888, a civil war raged among the island’s traditional 12 tribes. The war was particularly fierce due to the acquisition of firearms from foreign traders. In 1888, however, Germany took control of Nauru, and the civil war was put to an end.

During World War I, in 1914, Australian forces seized Nauru from Germany. In 1919, an agreement was set up that put the island under joint British-Australian-New Zealand rule. But Australia was always “really” in control. Finally, Nauru was granted self-rule in 1966 and full independence in 1968.

On Independence Day, islanders raise their country’s flag, sing its national anthem, and listen to patriotic speeches. They also take part in fishing, wrestling, and tug-o-war contests and spend time cleaning up their homeland in a district-by-district clean up competition.

Previous Years

202131 JanSunIndependence Day
1 FebMonIndependence Day Holiday
2 FebTueIndependence Day Holiday
202031 JanFriIndependence Day
1 FebSatIndependence Day Holiday
3 FebMonIndependence Day Holiday
201931 JanThuIndependence Day
1 FebFriIndependence Day Holiday
201831 JanWedIndependence Day
1 FebThuIndependence Day Holiday
201731 JanTueIndependence Day
1 FebWedIndependence Day Holiday