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Easter 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Nauru

Easter is regarded as the most important holy day by Christians, and on Nauru it is celebrated with holidays on Good Friday, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday.

202429 MarFriGood Friday
1 AprMonEaster Monday
2 AprTueEaster Tuesday
202518 AprFriGood Friday
21 AprMonEaster Monday
22 AprTueEaster Tuesday
20263 AprFriGood Friday
6 AprMonEaster Monday
7 AprTueEaster Tuesday
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The date of the holiday changes each year based on the centuries-old calculations that determine the Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar, such that the date of Easter Sunday can be anytime between 22 March and 25 April.

Easter Sunday commemorates the day nearly 2,000 years ago when, according to the Christian Bible, Jesus Christ arose from the grave, foreshadowing the resurrection of those who believe in Him which is to follow. This is at the core of the Christian hope and has traditionally been considered the most important day on the Christian calendar.

The people of Nauru generally dress in white for Easter Sunday as they head to church. After the service, they may spend all day with family, more distant relatives who are visiting, friends, and neighbours. Food plays a big part in all holiday celebrations in Nauru. And many also use the days off work to enjoy Nauru’s pristine sands and waters.

Previous Years

20237 AprFriGood Friday
10 AprMonEaster Monday
11 AprTueEaster Tuesday
202215 AprFriGood Friday
18 AprMonEaster Monday
19 AprTueEaster Tuesday
20212 AprFriGood Friday
5 AprMonEaster Monday
6 AprTueEaster Tuesday
202010 AprFriGood Friday
13 AprMonEaster Monday
14 AprTueEaster Tuesday
201919 AprFriGood Friday
22 AprMonEaster Monday
23 AprTueEaster Tuesday
201830 MarFriGood Friday
2 AprMonEaster Monday
3 AprTueEaster Tuesday
201714 AprFriGood Friday
17 AprMonEaster Monday
18 AprTueEaster Tuesday