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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Nauru

Constitution Day in Nauru is held every 17 May to commemorate the day in 1968 when major adjustments were made to the constitution of Nauru, which had been adopted just months earlier on 31 January.

202417 MayFriConstitution Day
202517 MaySatConstitution Day
19 MayMonConstitution Day Holiday
202617 MaySunConstitution Day
18 MayMonConstitution Day Holiday
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During the colonial ear, Germany made Nauru one of its overseas possessions. But during World War I, the island was lost to the Allies and soon came effectively under Australian control. During World War II, Japanese forces occupied Nauru, but after the war, it went back to Australia.

In January of 1968, Nauru became an independent nation with its own constitution. But it was soon discovered that the people of Nauru disliked certain aspects of their constitution. So they quickly adjusted it on 17 May, 1968.

In Nauru, Constitution Day is a time of sports matches. It is the final day of Nauru’s annual athletic championship. There is also a parade of the various sports teams. But there really are not speeches or military parades as in many other nations that celebrate a constitution day.

Previous Years

202317 MayWedConstitution Day
202217 MayTueConstitution Day