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Myanmar New Year

Myanmar New Year 2025 and 2026

In mid-April on the Gregorian Calendar, Myanmar New Year is celebrated as a public holiday in Myanmar, formerly called Burma.

202517 AprThuMyanmar New Year
202617 AprFriMyanmar New Year
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Myanmar New Year is a Buddhist festival at root, but it also has connections with Hinduism and is, in fact, the Buddhist version of the Hindu myth of Arsi and Devas. The myth involves a wager between two gods, the loser losing his head but gaining the head of an elephant. But to stop this new head from drying up the sea or scattering fire-shots through the heavens, it was taken away and given to a new princess devi at the beginning of each new year.

The celebrations last four or five days, the final culminating day being Myanmar New Year itself. It is traditional to toss water on people or douse people in water on this day. There will even be water-spraying stations set up in the capital city of Yangon, and some will also pour water ceremonially on the ground after the sounding of official New Year’s cannons. School children will be out on summer vacation, and the whole country will be out and about celebrating.

Previous Years

202417 AprWedMyanmar New Year
202317 AprMonMyanmar New Year