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Manit Day
Marshall Islands

Manit Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Marshall Islands

The people of Marshall Islands celebrate Manit Day on the final Friday of every September. Manit Day can also be called “Culture Day” since Manit is the name used by islanders for local cultural traditions.

202427 SepFriManit Day
202526 SepFriManit Day
202625 SepFriManit Day
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Marshall Islands has a very diverse and long-storied culture, and Manit Day is the occasion on which it is all put on public display. The whole last week of September is a culture fest known as “Lutok Kobban Alele”, and Manit Day is a part of that bigger celebration.

On Manit Day, people gather at the Alele Museum. Many also visit booths just outside the museum where they can buy crafts and snacks. The museum is full of historic artifacts that show the development of Marshall Islands culture, and the booths give you a chance to own a piece of the current culture. Products like woven baskets and coconut oil soap are commonly for sale.

Another part of Manit Day is the dance, song, and storytelling performances put on by school children. There are also basket-weaving contests, coconut-husking competitions, and other unique cultural events.

Previous Years

202322 SepFriManit Day
202223 SepFriManit Day
202124 SepFriManit Day
202025 SepFriManit Day
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