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Fishermen’s Day
Marshall Islands

Fishermen’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Marshall Islands

Fishermen’s Day is a national holiday in the Marshall Islands that is observed every first Friday of July. As fishing has always been a key component of Marshall Islands’ economy, a special holiday was declared to honour local fishermen in 1982.

20237 JulFriFishermen's Day
20245 JulFriFishermen's Day
20254 JulFriFishermen's Day
20263 JulFriFishermen's Day
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In 1981, a group of billfish fishermen from Marshall Islands won the billfish fishing tournament held in Hawaii that year. The next year, 1982, that same group founded a fishing tournament at home in Marshall Islands. The date of the tournament was then immediately declared a public holiday.

On the morning of the first Friday in July, fishermen head out to the seas to try to catch the biggest fish from any of a larger variety of species. After fishing all day, the fishermen come back to shore in the evening to have their catches weighed and measured. The winner in each category is then announced, and a big party breaks out.

Previous Years

20221 JulFriFishermen's Day
20212 JulFriFishermen's Day
20203 JulFriFishermen's Day
20195 JulFriFishermen's Day
20186 JulFriFishermen's Day
20177 JulFriFishermen's Day