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First of Ramazan

First of Ramazan 2025 and 2026 in Maldives

The “holy month of Ramadan” is of huge importance to Muslims worldwide, and in the Maldives the first day of Ramadan is marked with a public holiday. The day following Ramadan’s end is also a big celebration.

20251 MarSatFirst of Ramazan
202618 FebWedFirst of Ramazan
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In preparation for Ramadan, Muslims in the Maldives begin cleaning their houses, buying new kitchenware and dishes, preparing spice mixes, and trying to get ready religiously as well. A special pre-Ramadan meal called the “maahefun” is prepared and shared with family, friends, and co-workers.

Many attend mosque or public prayer meetings on First of Ramadan. They may begin reading, reciting, or memorising the Koran during the days of Ramadan, praying more than usual, fasting during daylight hours, and giving money to charity. Fruits, juices, and fish are commonly consumed. Watermelon is especially popular during Ramadan in the Maldives.

Some people eat a full breakfast before heading off to the mosque in the early morning, but others who are considered more devout just eat a bite of fruit before services and eat their main breakfast later.

Previous Years

202411 MarMonFirst of Ramazan
202323 MarThuFirst of Ramazan