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Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year 2025 and 2026 in Macau

The melting-pot culture found in Macau offers diverse people and a calendar full of exciting festivals and events. However, none is bigger than Chinese Lunar New Year.

202529 JanWedLunar New Year
30 JanThuThe Second Day of Lunar New Year
31 JanFriThe Third Day of Lunar New Year
202617 FebTueLunar New Year
18 FebWedThe Second Day of Lunar New Year
19 FebThuThe Third Day of Lunar New Year
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During the days that mark the holiday’s official start, you can find countless parades, parties, firework displays, and temples crowded with locals who are seeking good fortune for the upcoming year. During this time, virtually everyone in Macau celebrates, making it an incredibly festive and exciting atmosphere.

The Meaning of Lunar New Year

In Macau, people believe that the New Year brings with it new life, a fresh start, and a new beginning. Because of this, the locals make great efforts to welcome in the New Year and celebrate the day. In addition to a grand parade and fireworks, people in the city of Macau decorate the city with flowers since these represent courage, luck, hope, positivity, and good fortune.

What’s Going on During Lunar New Year in Macau?

There are dragon and lion dances, parades, festive markets, fireworks, cultural performances, and endless family-oriented activities during the Lunar New Year celebration in Macau. This time of year is exciting and entertaining and a great time for people from other countries to visit.

The official kick-off of Lunar New Year is the New Year’s Day Parade. This is an annual event; however, the actual date varies one year to the next. During this parade, the highlight is a 238-meter long dragon that makes its way through the Historic City Centre streets. The parade is a real spectacle and is led by 18 lion dancer tandems and drummers. Other highlights include the mascots of the twelve Zodiac animals, and the Gods of Longevity, Prosperity, and Fortune. Lai seeds (red packets) are given to all who attend for luck in the coming year.

There are quite a few other activities that occur on this day, as well. Some of them include:

  • Macau Tower Fireworks
  • Senado Square Parade
  • Tap Seac Square Flower Market

There are also several exciting events planned at the luxury hotels in this area. This allows visitors to the area to take part in the celebration. For example, at Altria Macau, you can enjoy special menus for bringing in the New Year and enjoy fireworks from the waterfront location.

What to Expect During Lunar New Year?

If you are planning to visit while this celebration is going on, make sure you are prepared for a fun and festive atmosphere. All government offices, schools, and most businesses remain closed during the celebration, which means you won’t have access to much regarding goods or services. However, there are countless street vendors and open-air markets where you can find plenty of New Year souvenirs, as well as area-specific food and drink.

Most of the locals celebrate in a grand way, attending parades and firework shows that last well into the night hours. It is a festive and exciting time for anyone who is present.

Previous Years

202410 FebSatLunar New Year
11 FebSunThe Second Day of Lunar New Year
12 FebMonThe Third Day of Lunar New Year
202322 JanSunLunar New Year
23 JanMonThe Second Day of Lunar New Year
24 JanTueThe Third Day of Lunar New Year