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Chung Yeung Festival

Chung Yeung Festival 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Macau

Chung Yeung Festival is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which works out to October or, at least, some time during Autumn, on the Gregorian Calendar.

202411 OctFriChung Yeung Festival
202529 OctWedChung Yeung Festival
202618 OctSunChung Yeung Festival
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It is also called “Double Yang” because the number nine is thought to stand for yang, in regard to the Chinese tradition of ying and yang. But nine also stands for long life, which is why Chung Yeung Festival is a day to celebrate long life.

It is traditional to ascend a mountain on Chung Yeung Festival, but in Macau, mountains are a bit scarce. It is also traditional to visit the graves of ancestors on this day.

There is a legend of the day’s origin, where a man fled to the mountains at the warning of “an immortal” to escape a plague that would soon hit his village. He also had to drink cherry juice and chrysanthemum wine, and so those drinks are part of the present-day Chung Yeung tradition as well.

Previous Years

202323 OctMonChung Yeung Festival
20224 OctTueChung Yeung Festival