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Visakhabousa Day

Visakhabousa Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Laos

Visakhabousa Day is celebrated by many in Laos to commemorate the day they believe that Buddha was born. It is also considered the day of his enlightenment experience and of his death.

202216 MayMonVisakhabousa Day
20234 MayThuVisakhabousa Day
202422 MayWedVisakhabousa Day
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Since the date is based on the Buddhist lunar calendar, it shifts each year on the Gregorian Calendar. However, it usually falls sometime in mid-May.

Religiously inclined Buddhists take the opportunity on Visakhabousa Day to visit a local temple, listen to a sermon, and to give offerings, worship ancestors, or perform “merit-making” rituals. Rituals include rising early in the morning to go to temple, circling the main hall of the temple while holding a lit candle, and offering incense or lotus blooms.

Many businesses close for the day, and all schools and government offices will shut down. Businesses are not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages for a full day. And many buildings fly “the yellow flag of Buddhism”.

Previous Years

202126 MayWedVisakhabousa Day
20206 MayWedVisakhabousa Day