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Children's Day

Children’s Day 2025 and 2026 in Laos

Every 1 June is Children’s Day in Laos. This is an official public holiday in Laos and falls on the same day as the UN international observance also called Children’s Day.

20251 JunSunChildren's Day
20261 JunMonChildren's Day
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The government of Laos stresses that the children of today represent the future of the country and therefore recognises and promotes Children’s Day each year. Non-profit and charitable organisations also contribute to making Children’s Day events possible. And Children’s Day is one of the few days of the year when many rural kids get a chance to take part in festive events and educational “clinics” that are held.

There are programs where children observe or participate in cultural singing and dancing, see or wear traditional Lao skirts and clothes, read books in a “reading room”, and take part in numerous other cultural and educational activities. Many of these activities may be organised through their local schools, but some are put on by private organisations.

Children’s Day is also a time for public awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts that focus on protecting children’s rights, helping kids get a good education, and preventing poverty, abuse, or neglect of children in Laos.

Finally, there are also children’s parades and competitive events for children that are held on Children’s Day in Laos every year. And families may even take their children out on a special day trip or give them small gifts.

Previous Years

20241 JunSatChildren's Day
20231 JunThuChildren's Day