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Nauryz 2025 and 2026 in Kazakhstan

The people of what is now Kazakhstan have celebrated the holiday called “Nauryz” since ancient times to welcome the coming of warmer weather. Nauryz is observed on the Spring Equinox, 21 March, and is considered a time of new life, love, and friendship.

202521 Mar to 25 MarFri to TueNauryz Holiday
202621 Mar to 25 MarSat to WedNauryz Holiday
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Nauryz celebrations actually continue for three consecutive days. It is a time for festivals, feasts, dressing up in traditional Kazakh attire, singing and dancing, playing traditional games, and wishing each other a “Happy New Year”. Essentially, Nauryz is a kind of New Year event based on the changing of the weather and the turning of the Earth instead of on calendar dates.

For Nauryz, Kazakhs eat a special festive soup called “nauryz koje”, which includes meat, butter, millet, salt, and milk. It has seven ingredients, each of which is meant to symbolise some aspect of “good luck and prosperity”. People also drink kumys, which is made out of horse’s milk for Nauryz.

Aside from food, there are many national and local competitions in such areas as wrestling, witty poetry recital, logical skill, street-plays, and horse games. Wooden swing sets are also set up, and this is a traditional place for boys and girls to meet and socialise.

Previous Years

202421 Mar to 25 MarThu to MonNauryz Holiday
202321 Mar to 23 MarTue to ThuNauryz Holiday