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Capital City Day

Capital City Day 2025 and 2026 in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, Capital City Day, also called Astana Day, comes every 6 July. This has been a national public holiday since 2009.

20256 JulSunCapital City Day
7 JulMonCapital City Day Holiday
20266 JulMonCapital City Day
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Originally, Kazakhstan’s capital city was Almaty, but on 6 July, 1994, the Supreme Soviet Council of Kazakh SSR, decided to move the capital to Astana. However, the move did not actually take place until four years later in 1998. And the name of the city was changed from Akmoly to Astana in a presidential decree of 1997 that paved the way for the 1994 decision finally being implemented.

Immediately after becoming capital city, Astana began to celebrate Capital City Day; but it was only in 2009 that all Kazakhstan began to celebrate it.

The date was 10 June at first, based on when the actual status of capital city was implemented in Astana; whereas, the new 6 July date is based on the date of the decision to move the capital to Astana.

Despite the name, Capital City Day is meant to celebrate all of Kazakhstan independence and culture. And the stark contrast between Astana’s skyscrapers and the open nomadic plains with only tiny villages for hundreds of miles in every direction, seems to make it easier to remember how diverse the country really is.

Previous Years

20246 JulSatCapital City Day
8 JulMonCapital City Day Holiday
20236 JulThuCapital City Day
7 JulFriCapital City Day Holiday