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Independence Day

Independence Day 2025 and 2026 in Guam

Guam celebrates all US public holidays including US Independence Day on 4 July.

20254 JulFriIndependence Day
20264 JulSatIndependence Day
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Untold centuries of the Chamorro and other tribes inhabiting Guam, 300 years under Spanish control, and over 70 years as a US territory have given Guam a unique mix of cultures. Around a quarter of its people are Filipinos, which further adds to the diverse nature of the island’s heritage.

Despite this great diversity, the people of Guam enthusiastically celebrate the Fourth of July every year with fireworks, flag waving, speeches, parades, and festive family gatherings. They also get out to the beaches to swim, sun themselves, and engage in a wide variety of water sports. Interestingly, Guam’s beaches have no sand on them but only finely crushed coral.

Independence Day is a popular time to visit Guam and enjoy the balmy summer weather in this tropical island paradise.

Previous Years

20244 JulThuIndependence Day
20234 JulTueIndependence Day