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The Sovereign's Birthday
Cook Islands

The Sovereign’s Birthday 2025 and 2026 in Cook Islands

The Sovereign’s Birthday is a public holiday in the Cook Islands observed on the first Monday of June. This differs from the UK date, which is normally the second Saturday of June. Interestingly, neither of these dates correspond to the actual birthday of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, on 21 April.

20252 JunMonThe Sovereign's Birthday
20261 JunMonThe Sovereign's Birthday
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Even though Queen Elizabeth has not visited the Cook Islands since 1974, and then for only a two-day tour, she is still the de jure (by law) head of state here. You will find her image on the back of coins, on the twenty dollar note, and as a watermark on all New Zealand banknotes.

Even though the Cook Islands are technically independent now, they are in free association with New Zealand and still recognise the Queen as their constitutional monarch. In actual practice, the queen is represented by a local “Queen’s Representative” who exercises most of the Sovereign’s powers.

The Sovereign’s Birthday is a welcome three-day weekend off work or school in early June, which is the dry season and at a great time, therefore, to get out of doors.

Previous Years

20243 JunMonThe Sovereign's Birthday
20235 JunMonThe Sovereign's Birthday