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Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day in Cambodia

In Cambodia, 10 December, UN Human Rights Day, is much observed. While some other countries mark this day on their calendars as well, it is seen as particularly significant to Cambodia, given the horrendous violations of human rights that occurred during the vast genocide of the Khmer Rouge.

Human Rights Day occurs on 10 December because it was on that day in 1948 that the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On Human Rights Day, the UN and various governments and private organisations will run special media campaigns to highlight human rights abuses.

In Cambodia, the main event takes place in the National Stadium. Both elected and royal leaders of the nation will attend, as will heads of important human rights organisations in Cambodia. There will be many speeches given, and a report on human rights will be read. There will also be dancing and other cultural activities during the meeting.

Previous Years

201910 DecTueHuman Rights Day
201810 DecMonHuman Rights Day